Hipócrates Nolasco CancinoMax Garrone | Mezcalistas

The head of the CRM which regulates mezcal, Hipócrates Nolasco Cancino. He guided NOM 70 through to completion.

We’ve been talking about this for so long that it sure feels like NOM 70, the guiding regulatory rules for the mezcal industry, is old news. In fact, today is when it officially kicks in and going forward, all products coming into the market will have to adhere to the new rules and regulations.

We did a big breakdown here on exactly what is in the new NOM. Additionally, the full text can be found here.

The big takeaway – a lot more information on the bottle labels, three classifications of mezcal (Mezcal, Mezcal Artesanal, Mezcal Ancestral), clear can and cannot do’s, agave registration, and more transparency in finding out who made the mezcal and how each batch was made.