• Location: Miahuatlan, Oaxaca
  • Agave: Ensemble of Madrecuixe, Bicuixe, and Espadín
  • Maestro Mezcalero: Ranulfo Garcia Pachecho
  • Vintage: May 2018
  • Quantity: 800 liters
  • ABV: 49.85%
  • Tasting keywords: bitter sweet balance
  • NOM: Uncertified
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Cocoa powder and roasted agave.


This ensemble is full of all sorts of bright notes. I get sea spray and oyster brine along with a little apple freshness, and a touch of sandalwood. It has a light effervescent sensation and a low viscosity that keeps it dancing over your tongue.


A true ensemble in that the agaves start and end the process together – this sort of thing is representative of the original mezcal in that you’d want to harvest whatever was ripe and make it all at once. It’s a really tricky process because agaves of different sizes, even when you try to cut them down to similar proportions, cook at different speeds. But it’s also a process that can add enormous depth and complexity to a mezcal with layers of flavor that you can rarely find in a single agave.

Ranulfo uses a refrescadera which is hybrid copper pot and stainless steel column still. That means that this mezcal only undergoes a single distillation to get to proof. Many distillers have moved away from this distillation technique because it’s so tricky. Savor the results because he only makes on batch of mezcal a year and the 800 liters in this one is 2018’s batch.