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Mezcal club updates price and releases new shipment

Correction: Tory Smith got into contact with us after seeing this post to correct two points, the original post has been updated accordingly.

  1. The last shipment contentained Nuestra Soledad San Baltazar, El Tinieblo Edition Especial, and Sabios de Lua.
  2. The Buen Viaje Ensamble will only be shipped to Gold Club members. Regular members will recieve the Buen Viaje Espadin.

Correct post follows:

Just got word from Tory Smith over at the mezcals.mx Mezcal’s Club (sic) that there have been a few changes to the program. They added an extra bottle to each shipment so the price has risen from $295 to $395 US/shipment. Tory assured me that “Those who signed up for the last one will still get the same rate of $295.”

The last shipment contained Nuestra Soledad San Baltazar, El Tinieblo Edition Especial, and a pleasant surprise – Sabios de Lua. We were pretty impressed, especially with that Sabios de Lua because it’s impossible to find in the US. The next shipment contains the Marques Salmiana from Guanajuanto, the Sangremal Espadin from Oaxaca, and the Buen Viaje Espadin from Oaxaca. They have a little promotion running through July 1 where you can get an upgrade to their Gold membership if you’re one of the first 100 people to sign up so act soon if you want in on that.

As I hinted in my previous post about Mezcal’s Club there is at least one other mezcal club out there, this one is called Club del Mezcal. They have an active Twitter and FaceBook presence but I haven’t been able to get through to them so if you hear anything please give me a buzz. There are numerous other options should you live or receive shipments in Mexico. Oaxaca’s justifiably lauded Mezcaloteca sells its stock within the country so if you’re lucky enough to have that option definitely email them about their current catalog.

Max co-founded Mezcalistas with Susan way back in 2012. Before that he was a journalist at Salon.com and The San Francisco Chronicle.

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