A couple of years ago we partnered with a taco festival in Denver to help overhaul its tequila program to mezcal. The resulting Mexico in a Bottle was what we like to call “another f$%king learning experience.” So when the opportunity came along produce Mexico in a Bottle in the usual Mezcalistas format, we jumped all over it. 

To say Denver is booming would be an understatement – in just the two short years since I was last there it has exploded even further, with entirely new neighborhoods in place. The tree lined neighborhood streets contrast with the towering high rises and modern brick, cement and glass condos sprouting everywhere. Plus, a backdrop of the Rockies, well, it is stunning.

It’s only fitting that mezcal is experiencing explosive growth in Denver as well, with great venues like Palenque, Curio and Finn’s Manor leading the way with their terrifically curated bars and dedication to education and stellar service.

Finn’s Manor was where we held this past Sunday’s Mexico in a Bottle and owner Robert Sickler could not have been more generous in allowing us to completely take over his wonderful space. The funky patios lent themselves perfectly to an afternoon of mezcal tasting, and the weather cooperated, something that is a bit of a wild card in mid-September. The crowd was a mix of industry and consumer. It was the first home game for the Broncos, so there was plenty of orange to be found among the attendees (note, when planning events, always check the football schedule!). When I told one jersey wearing guest that I greatly appreciated his sacrifice in missing the game, he responded “If there is one thing that trumps the Broncos, it’s mezcal.” High praise indeed.

A special thanks to our non-profit partner Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Imbibe Magazine, the volunteers, all of the vendors and Kevin Galaba who captured the event with his great photos.