Rumors abound in Oaxaca that agave is being shipped north.  As with many rumors of this type, this one is hard to substantiate.  We’ve heard from several sources that this is happening.  We’re not sure where the agave is going though the assumption is clear.

We’ve heard from another source that agave is being shipped from South Africa to Mexico.  Again, this is unsubstantiated, but agave producers in South Africa have said that agave was shipped to Mexico in the past so this is something we’re digging into. We’re also hard at work sourcing some of that South African agave distillate to see how it compares with tequila and mezcal.  Given the recent addition of an Indian agave distillate perhaps we’ll see others on the market in the near future.  On a recent trip to southern Spain we were pleasantly surprised to see agave growing everywhere.  Andalusia has a climate climate and geography similar to Oaxaca and Jalisco so perhaps that will tempt entrepreneurial distillers there.