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Mezcalistas and Flaviar: A very mezcal collaboration

We’re happy to announce the first in what we hope will be a number of collaborations with Flaviar, the Mezcalistas Mezcal Box. Flaviar is a company that we know very well over years of content sharing. They focus on providing samples of spirits in special selections like this mezcal box so that their membership base can try and then buy their favorite spirits.

We’re starting off slow to test this idea out. We hope it works out fantastically well so that we can curate mezcals from across the Mexican landscape for Flaviar’s global audience because our goal is to bring mezcal to the world, which is another way of saying that we’re not trying to choose one brand over another, we just want to get this project off the ground with some high quality mezcals that span the spectrum in a very sustainable fashion. If this is successful, we’ll definitely curate many more mezcal boxes down the line.

To purchase the first sample box just go here and you’ll be set up in minutes. You can also purchase full .750L bottles of these, and other, mezcals through Flaviar at this page. If you have any questions just email us!

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