We are not going to bury the lede – it did not rain! What a lovely day it ended up being for our second Mexico in a Bottle event at San Diego’s Bread and Salt Gallery in Barrio Logan. More than 300 people packed the house, tasting 150 plus expressions of mezcal, tequila, bacanora, sotol, raicilla, rum and whiskey. Delicious food was served by Tahona, Galaxy Taco, MIHO Catering, Tamarindo Latin Kitchen, Dos Tierras, Barrio Dogg, Cacique and Chef Abner. Topo Chico kept us all hydrated and DJ Mafongo set the tempo. A special thanks to Chris Simmons of The Sipping Life and Christian Arizmendi for leading two terrific programs that explored flavors and pairings and the world of puntas andto Casa XoVi and Hola Chola for their tienditas. Finally, a very special thanks to our non profit partner Logan Avenue Consortium for connecting us with the low riders and Casa XoVi and to Joe Ramirez for capturing the day with these photos. Thank you all for coming and can’t wait to see you next year!