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Montelobos Mezcal Pechuga

Brand: Montelobos

State: Oaxaca

Distillations: 2

NOM: O156X

Mezcalero: Abel & Cuautehmoc Lopez Mateos under the direction of Ivan Saldana

Roast: Underground conical oven

Crush: Horse drawn tahona

Still: Copper alambique

Fermentation: Wild yeast

Notes: While the Montelobos Pechuga isn't certified organic like the flagship Espadín, the base mezcal is certified organic. It's just the additional pechuga ingredients which haven't received the technical organic certification. It undergoes the traditional third distillation with a chicken breast and other ingredients. A little known fact, all Montelobos labels are certified Kosher.

Variety: Espadin

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