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Brand: Mezcal Mina Real

State: Oaxaca

Distillations: 2

ABV: 46

NOM: O129X

Mezcalero: Germaín Arellanes Santos

Roast: Halved & quartered (cogollo removed) agave cooked in cantera limestone kiln oven, 30hr roast including 6hr pre-roast to melt off bitters and 6hr cool down

Crush: Cooked agave macerated with proprietary blade spindle destrozadora shredder

Still: Double distilled in wood fired 60L ceramic pot stills to approx. 53% ABV and reduced with reverse osmosis demineralized water

Fermentation: Fermented with together with bagazo, in 1,400L pine wood vats using airborne yeast strains

Notes: Mina Real is an ecologically sustainable mezcal made with agave slowly cooked in a brick kiln without the consumption of firewood. Our cooking method highlights the plants' bright floral bouquet without burning an industry average of 3.5 lbs of firewood per liter produced. Utilizing a combination of both modern and historical techniques, the agave honeys for Mina Real are fermented intact with their crushed agave piña fibers, followed by a double distillation in pot stills for pronounced earthiness and character.

Variety: Espadin

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