Brand: Juerte

State: Tlaxcala

Distillations: 1

ABV: 40


Mezcalero: Gerónimo Rosainz

Roast: NA

Crush: NA

Still: Stainless steel

Fermentation: Wooden vat

Vintage: NV

Notes: Juerte is the first destilado de pulque to arrive in the US. It's the fruit of a long tradition in central Mexico where pulque was long the most popular alcoholic beverage until beer knocked it off its perch in the late 19th/early 20th Century. Distilling followed suit, no one knows exactly when, and destilado de pulque was born. But just as pulque almost disappeared completely, so did the distillate made from it. Fortunately Juerte distiller Gerónimo Rosainz heard about it from his grandmother and, after lots of research and testing, managed to start doing it again.

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Purchase Link: https://www.oldtowntequila.com/juerte-destilado-de-pulque/

Variety: Agave salmiana