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Papalote La Rosa

Brand: El Refugio Mezcal

State: Guerrero

Distillations: 2

ABV: 48


Mezcalero: Doña Rosa Flores

Roast: Underground rock lined pit

Still: Copper

Fermentation: Wild fermentation

Vintage: November 2019

Notes: These are all wild harvested Cupreata agaves which is locally known as Papalote. The mezcal is a destilado de agave by choice. This is also made in "el campo" meaning that it was made out in the field. It's done this way because it's easier and less expensive to bring the people and the distilling to the agaves so the roasting pit and everything else is brought out to the field where there are lots of rocks available. Rosa Flores, known as Doña Rosa out of respect, started learning how to make mezcal when she was 14 years old. Now at 64 she carries a lifetime of experience with rural distilling in the mountains of Guerrero.

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Variety: Cupreata