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Batuq Reserva de la Casa 2019

Brand: Bacanora Batuq

State: Sonora

Distillations: 2

ABV: 50.3

NOM: 168

Mezcalero: Rafael Quijada

Roast: Autoclave and "Malla" underground oven

Crush: Hand crushed with an axe then run through mechanical shredder

Still: Stainless steel and copper still

Fermentation: Wild fermentation in large square plastic containers.

Vintage: 2019

Notes: The traditional family reserve from Batuq which usually stayed local but is now so popular that most of it is exported. It's made with 10-20 year old agaves which are caponed and left to mature for at least a year before distilling which gives this Bacanora a much richer flavor and higher ABV.

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Variety: A. Yaquiana