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Part one of this two part series can be found here. La Ruta del Mezcal - Day 2 The next morning we were met by Miguel Angel of San Luis Autentico, a tour agency offering a variety of tours for any visit

This is the first part of a two part series. The second part can be found here. The first thing I noticed were the lack of topes (speed bumps) as we left the San Luis Potosi airport in our rental car.

Maguey Melate is a new idea on the mezcal scene, a subscription service for small batch mezcals that will get you some of those small batch mezcals that you can't find outside of Oaxaca delivered to your doorstep here in the US. but it’s so much more because the bottles come packaged in a beautiful wooden box with a special print and four cups. This could easily be your traveling drinking set but you’ll probably feel such a strong proprietary feeling for it that you’ll leave it at home on the shelf as that special show it off feature of your bar.

Just back from five days at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference - a fun and enlightening industry gathering that was simultaneously overwhelming and intimate. It was a great opportunity to connect with some of the key players in the industry

In goat shit, to be precise. Take a look at the video below where Craft Distillers' Ansley Coale introduces Mezcalero Special #4 with the full story on how you pull great aging characteristics from mezcal. It's a blend of espadín and wild bicuixe but it's also aged for six months in a pile of goat shit which, he claims, contributes to the balance in the mezcal. That's a tradition that I've seen in Michoacan and always thought was just an easy way of keeping the mezcal out of people's hands and out of the light so that it could rest but Ansley mentions another potential factor, heat generated from the manure.

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