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January 2021

First the obvious, 2020 created unprecedented challenges for the world of mezcal. If you had asked anyone in January or February of 2020 what the sales projections were for the year, “stellar” would have been the one word to describe

Details Location: San Dionisio Ocotlán, OaxacaAgave: Tobalá, Tobasiche, Cuishe, Lumbre, Coyote, Tepeztate, Espadin / A. potatorum, A. karwinskii, A. karwinskii, A. sp, A. americana, A. marmorata, A. angustifoliaMaestro mezcalero: Aureliano Hernandez Quantity: 2,665 litersBatch: AH01ABV: 45%Tasting keywords: Mineral, mesquite, agave sugar.NOM: O373XBuy it

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