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Mezcal tastings and movies in LA this May: Hola, La Guelaguetza and Mezcalistas

Two among many great events to recommend as part of the Hola Festival May 15-22. First, we’re co-hosting a great event at La Guelaguetza May 16. In conjunction with the ever-wonderful Bricia Lopez we’ll be presenting Pedro Jiménez’s Viva Mezcal, a documentary that looks at all the people and politics that go into making mezcal. It’s a fantastic tapestry and we’re really excited to be part of it. But, as they say in the business, there’s more! After the screening Chef Rodolfo Castellanos from Oaxaca will present a dinner complimented by a mezcal tasting. For tickets go here.  Here’s a taste of the documentary:


Viva Mezcal ® (Fragmento) / Viva Mezcal ® (Fragment) from pedro jimenez gurria on Vimeo.


Just a few days later on Sunday, May 19th La Gran Parrillada takes over La Plaza de Cultura Y Artes. Aficionados of new Mexican cooking take note because it’s a superstar line up with luminaries like Javier Plascencia heading the bill. There’s not a slacker in the group including Aquiles Chavez, Pablo Salas, Rodolfo Castellanos and Jose Ramon Castillo. This being a showcase for the Mexican culinary moment, there will also be tequila, mezcal and some interesting Mexican wines. For tickets go here.

Viva mezcal!

Here’s a nice clip from an upcoming documentary on traditional agaves in Mexico. It’s a good background on the topic and importance of agave diversity in Mexico. There’s a great presentation of the issues and debate over the Denominación de Origen for mezcal, what was left out, why it’s still an issue and the current debate over NOM 186. It’s subtitled with a nice translation.

Viva Mezcal ® (Fragmento) / Viva Mezcal ® (Fragment) from pedro jimenez gurria on Vimeo.