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Chicago here we come…

It’s that time of year again where we take the show on the road and bath the streets of Chicago with mezcal. We’re so excited to be returning to Chop Shop on October 15th for year two of Mexico in a Bottle Chicago!

This year is particularly poignant given the event is happening in the wake of two devastating earthquakes in Mexico. For that reason, we are very pleased to be partnering with SACRED, a non-profit based in Chicago that works with mezcal producing communities to support community libraries, agave replanting projects, and water preservation.

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Blooming agave on Los Alamos Road in Sonoma

Agave quiote on Los Alamos Road in Sonoma

A quiote is the stalk that shoots up from an agave plant when it’s ready to reproduce. They can be dried and used as fuel, construction materials, food or even as a decorative item. They’re one of the most dramatic elements of the agave life cycle.

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