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Meet the Karwinskiis

Agave karwinskii

Agave karwinskii. Photo by Alex Huhn from

Our next Mezcal Martes tasting at Lolo in San Francisco is “Meet the Karwinskiis” on July 8th 6-7:30 we will be tasting 4 mezcals for $25

Wahaka – Madre Cuishe
El Jolgorio – Barril
Pierde Almas – Tobaciche
Del Maguey – Papalome

Last time out we tasted a variety of espadin mezcals, the bedrock agave behind most Oaxacan mezcal. This time we head out into the wild world of silvestres with a side-by-side tasting of four Oaxacan mezcals made from the Agave Karwinskii family which is one of the most common wild agaves found on the market. These bottles reflect the variety of terroir and their makers’ hands and offer great comparison so RSVP, we look forward to seeing you there. San Francisco Weekly just highlighted the event as well.