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Oaxaqueño correcto

Italian’s have caffe corretto which is an espresso with a dash of grappa. Lately the fall chill has inspired the creation of a Mexican variant with mezcal instead of grappa. Obviously I can’t recommend it for all occasions but boy does it end a meal in style, especially some of the big holiday meals which loom over the next month-and-a-half. Should you prefer cacao to caffe make some Mexican hot chocolate and correct away…

Smoked dove cocktail? Yup, that’s your Paloma!

Watch as Tamarindo’s Michelle makes their Smoky Paloma in a nicely proportioned ceramic cup with a chile salt rim. You can beat the heat with these so arrive at Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle Sunday fresh from the park. Tamarindo will cool you down with a Smoky Paloma and feed you a refreshing snack so that you’re ready for the rest of the mezcal tasting. Just make sure to buy your tickets today!

Loló takes you to a Oaxacan Old Fashioned

Today’s bit of cocktail wisdom courstesy of Loló’s David Gallardo who teaches you how to make a Oaxacan Old Fashioned. You can watch him whip them up at Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle this Sunday, September 14th and chat about other bar intelligence while snacking on some of Loló’s great treats. Just make sure to get your tickets today!

El Techo’s Sonora Cooler = antidote to a hot weekend

Watch Nora the bar manager at El Techo de Lolinda prepare a ruby tinged and cucumber garnished Sonora Cooler with mezcal. It’s the perfect way to get the weekend started. Then you can revisit it Sunday evening at Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle when Nora will get your week started correctly with the same cocktail while El Techo and Lolinda, among many others, will give you a sample of the fine Mexican cuisine in the San Francisco Bay Area. Buy your tickets today!

La Urbana redefines the sazerac, moves Nola south of the border

Watch La Urbana bartender Trent Simpson whip up a Mezcal Sazerac featuring Wahaka Espadin and Wahaka Reposado con Gusano and then buy your tickets to sample Trent’s cocktail, bites from La Urbana, and much much more at the Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle event this Sunday, September 14th. We’ll see you there!

Colibri presents the Bird’s Nest cocktail

In the second of our video collaborations with Tastemade to highlight the restaurants and bartenders attending our Mezcal:Mexico in a Bottle event we present Colibri’s Bird’s Nest cocktail. The Bird’s Nest is unusual for a few reasons, it features two mezcals, a bitter made in Mexico, oh and it has four ingredients. Quite complex.

As a reminder Mezcal: Mexico in a Bottle is this coming Sunday, September 14th. You can sample mezcal along side the universe of food, drinks, culture, and ideas that it inspires. Watch the video, learn how to make a Bird’s Nest then buy your tickets! See you Sunday.

Beretta’s Puncher’s Chance!

Learn how to make Beretta’s bartender Dominic Alling makes Puncher’s Chance cocktail in the first of our video collaborations with Tastemade to highlight the restaurants and bartenders attending our Mezcal:Mexico in a Bottle event. It’s this coming Sunday, September 14th when you can sample mezcal along side the universe of food, drinks, culture, and ideas that it inspires.

Some may ask why a non-Mexican restaurant is appearing at a mezcal tasting but this was an obvious invitation because Beretta was one of the first restaurants to create a mezcal cocktail program and really emphasize it.

Watch the video, and then buy your tickets! See you Sunday.

Take the mezcal, leave the cocktail

Kin Khao's cocktail menu

Kin Khao’s cocktail menu

Just had a great dinner at Pim Techamuanvivit‘s new Thai restaurant Kin Khao in San Francisco. It’s a fantastic place that creates a vivacious atmosphere in the corner of a bland hotel, has a great wine list matched to the food and the pocket book, and cracker jack service.

They also have a bunch of great cocktails but the Kafe Mao really makes me worry about the state of mezcal. It’s composed of Pierde Almas, cream, coffee, and Combier Cassis which is a fantastic concept, a Mexican Mudslide, and a fantastic drink. It’s just that you can’t taste a bit of the mezcal so why use it? Especially something as distinct as Pierde Almas?  

Kin Khao's mezcal cocktail, the Kafe Mao.

Kin Khao’s mezcal cocktail, the Kafe Mao.